Tree Removal and Maintenance in Worcester, MA

Regular growth, storms, and other natural factors can turn your gorgeous foliage into a nightmare. When you own property, you’ll need a service to help with your tree-related needs. SkyHook Tree & Sons has the experience, equipment, and knowledge you want when you need tree removal and maintenance in Worcester, MA.


Residential Tree Removing Services

Residential Tree Removal Service
Trees are a part of the natural landscape of most properties. Like any other living thing, they can become a nuisance, damaged, or diseased. You’ll want to hire a tree removal service in the following situations:

  • If your tree is dying or dead
  • When your tree begins to show signs of disease or decay
    If storm damage or other event brought down limbs or uprooted trees
  • The tree drops too much debris, like leaves, needles, branches, etc.
  • Your tree leans in a direction that has the potential to damage property should it come down or drop branches
  • When trees grow too close to homes, sheds, driveways, etc.
  • If the tree is blocking sunlight or a view
  • You notice problems with a tree’s structural integrity, like cracks or rot
  • Your tree is getting too big

Even if your tree problem isn’t listed here, if it’s causing you a headache or worry, get SkyHook Tree & Sons over to look at your property. You’ll get a free estimate and recommendations to maximize the look and safety of your property!

Large Tree Removal From Storm Damage

No matter what kind of damage you have to your large tree after a storm, you want to stay safe by contracting a professional tree removal service. They can help to clean up and remove:

  • Broken branches
  • Torn bark
  • Small and large broken limbs
  • Hanging limbs
  • Leaning trees
  • Uprooted trees
  • Any part of a tree that poses a threat to people and property

All of these situations require the utmost care to avoid potentially horrific accidents. A tree removal service can help you understand potential threats before and after storms roll through your neighborhood. You can trust a tree removal service to guide you to take preventative steps and guide you through the cleanup process.

Tree Trimming

Keeping your trees and shrubs pruned is the key to healthy, thriving plants. You want to ensure it gets done right and is kept up throughout the year. A tree trimming service can do it for you, taking the stress and danger out of trying to do it yourself.
When you get your tree trimming done by a pro, you can enjoy:

  • A more attractive landscape
  • More flowers and fruiting
  • Thicker hedges
  • Avoiding losing trees or shrubs to disease or pest infestations
  • Clearing space around electrical wires
  • Keeping the tree from touching or dropping debris on a roof
  • Preventing leaves or other debris from falling on a driveway
  • Keeping buildup in gutters to a minimum
  • More time to do the things you want

You’re also getting a keen eye for signs of problems that can be avoided with regular trimming and maintenance. The benefits of expert tree trimming services are well worth the time and money.


How do professionals remove a tree?

Depending on the situation, every tree and its removal can be approached differently. For example, your tree removal may require:

  • A professional to climb your tree to cut down large branches before the tree removal.
  • Using rope to bring branches lower or pull them away to prevent damage to surrounding areas.
  • Cutting a tree trunk into more manageable sections with care to avoid hitting people or property if it’s too dangerous to bring it all down at once.
  • Special equipment that allows the tree removers to make a removal safer for them and the surrounding area.

It’s never recommended that anyone without extensive tree removal experience try to do it on their own. The risk of injury or death is not worth the money anyone thinks they might save doing it themselves.

How long does it take to cut down a tree professionally?

Each situation will require different amounts of time to professionally cut down and remove a tree. Your service will need varying amounts of time to:

  • Take steps to make sure removers and surrounding property is safe
  • Make sure that they have all of the equipment necessary
  • Clear the area surrounding the tree
  • Remove lower branches
  • Bring down remaining high branches
  • Remove the tree trunk
  • Remove the stump

Nothing compares to having your tree cut down and removed professionally. They have the expertise and equipment necessary to get the job done safely and in a reasonable amount of time.

How do you know when a tree is ready to be cut down?

A close look at your tree can indicate it’s time to cut it down. Keep an eye out for:

  • Signs of decay, damage, or disease
  • Dead or brittle branches
  • Hollow spots
  • Signs of fungal disease
  • New or sudden leaning
  • Insect damage
  • Invasive tree presence (black locust, mimosa, chinaberry, Bradford pears, white poplar, Chinese tallow, tree of heaven)
  • The tree is no longer safe in its location
  • Has signs of root rot (slow growth, leaves are discolored, thinning canopy, fungus apparent from the roots, weak or rotting branches)
  • Your tree has made it difficult or impossible to grow grass around it
  • The tree has multiple trunks

Large Tree Residential Tree Removal

Large trees on a property can be beautiful and provide shade on hot days. But unfortunately, large trees can become a problem when there’s damage to any part of the tree, signs of disease, lifting roots, leaf loss, dead or frail branches, or overgrowth.
You always want to hire a professional to assess and remove your residential trees. Large tree removal requires expert knowledge and skill to remove it safely. Hire a well-rated removal and maintenance service like SkyHook Tree & Sons to do the job right.

Tree Removal for Lot Clearing

Preparing a lot to build on can seem impossible, but not if you’re an expert at tree removal. These pros have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to clear a lot thoroughly. The right service should also come insured, making removing roots to branches a satisfyingly safe experience.


Need Tree Removal and Maintenance in Worcester, MA?

Removing your trees or enjoying regular maintenance is not only the safest option, but also brings you more freedom to enjoy the important things in life. So, for anyone looking for superior service in Worcester, MA, SkyHook Tree & Sons is the answer. Call now at 508-962-3943 or contact them using the form on their website today!