Tree Removal and Maintenance in Auburn, MA

Skyhook Tree & Sons offers all your tree service needs in one place. With 24/7 emergency services, we’re here for you when you need us the most. Our range of services includes tree removal, woodlot clearing, tree trimming and ornamental pruning, brush removal, crane service, and aerial bucket service. Trees are a cherished part of many people’s properties, but when they are damaged or growing in the wrong direction, they can cause a lot of damage. We help you balance your relationship with nature on your property and maintain function, aesthetic value, and safety.


Residential Tree Removal Service

If you’re a homeowner, you probably realize how much work goes into maintaining a property. One of the bigger tasks is maintaining trees and removing them when they are old, fallen, or otherwise problematic. Don’t worry because our experts can remove your residential trees and take care of a range of other maintenance tasks for when a tree can be saved from removal.

Large Tree Residential Tree Removal

Large trees are impressive, and they can have a lot of character. However, they can certainly be in the way, and they can cause a lot of damage if they are left when they should be removed. We’ll take care of your large tree, and we’ll make sure to do so with the utmost care and efficiency.

Large Tree Removal from Storm Damage

Storms can cause a lot of damage when it comes to trees. For example, a tree can fall on a roof or a wall. Fear not, we are professionals who can step in when you need a large tree removed because of storm damage. If you’ve had a tree damaged in a storm and need it removed, don’t panic because professionals are here to help.

Tree Removal for Lot Clearing

If you need to clear a lot of trees, it can be a huge task, but we’ve got the experience, equipment, and team you need to easily and effectively clear a lot. You can rest assured when you choose our professionals to clear your lot. Whether you have a small lot or a large lot, we want to help.


Tree Trimming

If you need tree trimming but don’t necessarily need a tree removed completely, we’ll be happy to help you with your needs. We help our customers when trees may need to be trimmed because of factors like rooflines, driveways, overhangs, and electrical wires. Tree trimming is a great way to keep your tree healthy and prevent unwanted hazards that can result from a tree as it grows. We take care of each tree, using the best possible practices to preserve the health and future of the tree without compromising your goals.

How do professionals remove a tree?

When removing a tree, it’s important to leave it to professionals because large or even small trees can be hard for average people to remove without the required equipment. Professionals use the best practices they have learned from experience and training. With this expertise, they can remove trees with as little disruption to the property as they can.
One technique used is getting rid of larger branches before removing the tree. Tools like ropes can be used to control how the tree falls. A professional may also choose to cut the tree in parts because it is too big to get rid of at one time. Much of the process is professional problem-solving and determining what methods should be used for each tree and then using those methods to the best of their abilities.


How long does it take to cut down a tree professionally?

How long it takes to cut down a tree will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of tree, what surrounds the tree, and how big the tree is. Cutting down a tree can generally be accomplished within one day. Sturdy, large, or trees near structures may take a while day, but some trees will only take a couple of hours to remove. Trees that are already damaged, small, and in a fairly clear space tend to be faster to remove. When we understand your situation, we can give you a better idea of how long tree removal may take for your tree.

How do you know when a tree is ready to be cut down?

Trees are magnificent parts of nature, and they can have long lives. They are commonly loved by homeowners because they look nice, create shade, and provide privacy. However, no matter how much you love your trees, there are many instances when you need to cut down a tree that is old, damaged, or in the way of your future plans and goals. While getting rid of a tree can be hard, it’s good to know when a tree is ready to cut down so that you can cut it down before it does any damage.
These factors signal that your tree may need to be removed for functional or safety purposes:
By looking for these signs, you can remove your tree or maintain it so that it doesn’t cause damage in the future.


Need Tree Removal and Maintenance in Auburn, MA?

Tree removal doesn’t have to be another task on your list that you dread dealing with. We make it easy to remove and maintain trees that could otherwise give you trouble. With years of experience, our team knows how to take care of trees safely and effectively. We work with clients to come to the best solutions for your wants and needs.
Contact us today, and we can give you a free estimate and discuss what solutions are best based on your circumstances. Whether you’re looking for maintenance or removal, we’ll be happy to offer our help and give you competitive rates for tree removal and maintenance services in Auburn, MA.