Tree Removal & Trimming Services in Grafton, MA

 Tree Removal

Any undesired tree you wanted removed.  Opening up a view (example:  clearing trees to see a lake view).

Crane And Aerial Bucket Service for Tree Removal

Working over homes, powerlines, pools, fences and other obstacles can be completed easier with an arial bucket truck and/or crane. This allows us to work a bit more efficiently and safely, while saving you money.

Hazardous Tree Removal

To encourage a thriving tree population it is important to manage tree health. Disease can spread quickly if not properly mitigated. Storm damage can promote further tree degradation when ignored. You can get overwhelmed with tree maintenance without the
right equipment and knowledge. We specialize in acreage surveying and consistent maintenance procedures.

Property/Estate Tree Maintenance

 Clearing dead wood and limbs imposing structural threats.  Skyhook Tree is dedicated to providing premium estate & property maintenance services that meet our client’s needs and expectations.  Whether your needs are small or large, Skyhook Tree prides itself on providing our clients with customized estate maintenance services within their budget that helps keep their property in pristine condition.

Tree Trimming and Ornamental Pruning

Pruning is imperitive to promote plant health.  Remove dead or dying branches injured by disease, severe insect infestation, animals, storms, or other adverse mechanical damage.  Prune to maintain plants; intended purposes in a landscape, such as encouraging flower and fruit development, maintaining a dense hedge, and maintaining a desired plant form or special garden forms.  We also prune to improve plant appearance.

Woodlot Clearing & Tree

Skyhook Tree is able to handling all of your tree clearing projects. We are very efficient with our large equipment and can generally do clearing projects economically and expeditiously.

Tree Stump Removal And Grindings

Stumps of any size can be removed by utilizing a stump-grinder. Stumps are ground 10-12 inches below grade. Grindings can be removed or used for your landscape purposes.  Grindings offer a cost effective means in providing a protective blanket for exposed root systems in thriving trees.

Brush Removal

Accidents can happen! Some trees are unsafe to have around children's play areas and the home. Call for a free survey to help keep your family and home safe from tree damage.